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Top 5 steel producers of the world

The crude steel production is rising every day, and new increased levels of production are being set for the future. The top 10 largest steel producers account for almost 25% of the world population. Here are the five biggest steel producers in the world. ArcelorMittal SA ArcelorMittal is the largest producer of steel in the world. As of 2014, it…

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Top 5 steel producing industries in India

The steel industry is one of the most important industries and contributes majorly to the country’s GDP. The sector’s overall contribution to the GDP was nearly 2% in the financial year 2015-16 with a total exposure of about Rs. 3.13 lakh crore. For the F.Y. 2014-15, India was the third largest producer of raw steel. The country produced 91.46 million tons of…

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